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PR 20

It started innocently; a couple of red PR 22's for Jada Pinkett Smith, a custom Heil Fin for Jack White and the Pink Pearl mics benefiting the Susan B. Koman Cancer Center. And then the "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" moment arrived at Heil Sound. That moment, when the Camo PR 22 was designed and built, officially created Heil Sound's new custom shop in its Fairview Heights, IL factory. The custom shop will be dedicated to working with customers who wish to have custom finishes on their Heil microphones.

Heil Sound President Bob Heil commented, "The PR 22 is shipped standard with three different screw on grills which gives the mic a lot of versatility looks-wise. The custom shop takes this idea one big step further allowing the artist to really customize his or her mic. Also, music video producers have taken notice of the possibilities and are asking us for custom finishes." So, where does the camouflage finish fit it? The Camo PR 22 is part of a fund raising effort on behalf of Heil Sound and Operation Homefront Southern California. Artists, including Joe Walsh, Toby Keith, Charlie Daniels, Ted Nugent and others have autographed Camo PR 22s and will donate them to the charity to use for fundraising efforts.




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